Judge Nally Explains the History and Power of the Grand Jury

Judge Paul Nally, Madison Forum Secretary and Chairman of Legal Education, spoke to a full house at a graciously arranged dinner and talk sponsored by the Canton Tea Party Patriots and The Madison Forum on November 12, 2015. The topic was the function of the Grand Jury, and Judge Nally is the acknowledged expert in Georgia.

The Judge led the audience through a reasoned litany of what our civic responsibilities are as jurists in Georgia. He placed the hierarchy of power in proper perspective by demonstrating through the words of the Georgia Constitution and the relevant case law that the citizen is the ultimate jurist, with power to decide both the fact and the law.

Judge Nally’s talk was very well received with the engaged audience near demanding an encore appearance to further illuminate the topic. Carolyn Cosby, Canton Tea Party Chair, assured the crowd that more exciting talks on civics in Georgia would be forthcoming for the Canton Tea Party Patriots.

She announced two more engagements in the Grand Jury/Nullification three-part series. One is scheduled for January 12, 2016 and the last on February 9, 2016. Updates will be posted at www.facebook.com/CantonTeaParty. We hope you can attend.

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