Educate before You Vaccinate

On Tuesday, March 28th, The Madison Forum and The Canton T.E.A. Party jointly sponsored a seminar hosted by the Cornerstone Church in Jasper, Georgia. The speakers were Renée and Dr. Gary Tunsky. The session was on the topic of vaccinations and autism as well as ancillary issues and preventative measures that one can take to ensure your body’s immune system can better handle all of the environmental toxins in which it is continuously exposed on a daily basis.

April Renée Tunsky is the Keynote Speaker for Vaccine Information Coalition (VIC) and former President of The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP).

Gary Tunsky is a traditional naturopath and has a 24-year diverse background in a wide array of healing arts. ​He is an international speaker/author/lecturer and a professional member of AANC & ABEIM (Academy of Biological Environmental Integrative Medicine).

Renée’s personal mission to educate others about the dangers of vaccinations began as she helplessly watched her own daughter, Casi, progressively deteriorate  from a happy little baby into a fragile state of autism by the age of four, when she died. Renee and her husband, Dr. Gary Tunsky, now travel the world to educate others about vaccinations, autism, nutrition, and disease.

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Renee and Dr. Tunsky will be returning to Georgia in the next couple of months. The Madison Forum and The Canton T.E.A. Party will send out notification when a date is confirmed.

We would like to thank everyone involved in this effort to help spread the truth about this very controversial issue because our individual health not only affects each one of us in very personal ways, but also affects the cost of everyone’s health insurance and health care.

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