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Georgia Ballot – Don’t Vote Until You Know This

Angela Bean, of the Madison Forum and  Restore & Preserve the Constitution, spoke to the Madison Forum on Monday, October 10, 2016. She discussed the four amendments on the November ballot that will change our Georgia Constitution and the importance of knowing what you are voting for when casting your vote:

  •  Amendment 1 Opportunity School Districts
  •  Amendment 2 The Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund
  •  Amendment 3 Judicial Qualification Commission
  •  Amendment 4 Excise Tax on Fireworks Sales

Angela also advised, when voting in this election or others, if you aren’t sure how to vote on an issue, vote noRead more...

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Would a National Popular Vote be better?

Pat Rosenthiel, of Ainsley Shea, spoke to the Madison Forum at the Monday luncheon regarding the state-based plan for electing the president by national popular vote. Rosenthiel refreshed everyone on how the electoral college works today and describes how the National Popular Vote would work if enacted by the Georgia legislature.

As described in the book, Every Equal Vote: A State-based Plan for Electing the President by National Popular Vote

The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.The bill has … Read more...
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Larry Laibson

There have been many questions and articles regarding the voting characteristic of some groups that have generally been consistently “liberal” and “Democratic: i.e. Jews, Blacks and Hispanics.
I continually get questions from friends on how Jews in such large majorities support Democrats over the years especially Obama. Responses can vary and from the ’30,000 foot level” books like Norman Podhoretz’s “Why Are Jews Liberal” (a hard read) which try to cover it by addressing liberalism arising from “the hardships faced by our ancestors in the old country.” A more understandable Podhoretz was exhibited in his 2009 Wall … Read more...

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Not Iowa, but Cleveland as the First GOP Primary


Randy Evans

Officially, the first contest for the 2016 presidential campaign will be the Iowa caucuses currently scheduled for February 2016 to be followed by New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  Yet for Republicans, the reality of the 2016 nomination process is that the first contest will actually occur in early August 2015.

In August 2015, FOX will host the first RNC-sanctioned debate in Cleveland, Ohio. It will be held in connection with the Summer Republican National Committee meeting.  And while there will be many GOP presidential candidates, not all can take the stage.

Neither FOX nor viewers want …

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Black Americans must become independent voters

Black Americans must become independent voters. Shelley Wynter discusses why the path to liberty and prosperity for Black Americans will require them to open their minds and step away from traditional party loyalties. He asks us to face the fact that history has proven we must learn to vote with our heads instead of our hearts.

A stunningly refreshing dissertation that most would shrink from speaking. Must viewing for all young voters and those who plan to become voters in the near future.

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