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Trans-Pacific Partnership

by Ted Metz

At the first of many more to follow, the NWGA 912 Project in conjunction with The Madison Forum, The John Birch Society, The Freedom & Liberty Coalition, The Constitution Party, Restore and Preserve the Constitution, and the Canton TEA Party invited Mr. Tom Barksdale to present the many issues surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to United States Sovereignty

Tom Barksdale

In October, the United States and 10 other Pacific rim countries, after five years of secret negotiations, reached an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest free-trade agreement ever concluded. President Obama must wait 90 days after the formal announcement of the final TPP agreement before signing the pact and sending it to Congress; that could happen by Feb. 4. Lawmakers would then work with the administration to determine when a vote would take place. However, media reports on December 10 reported that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had told the White House that the TPP agreement … Read more...

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