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Part II-Today Through the 2016 Elections

Jewish Political Perspective

Larry Laibson

In Part I of this paper, I outlined the historical Jewish political perspective which is unique to America. Jews have consistently been Democratic with the largest majority of any group overall (Blacks are the largest Democratic voting bloc in recent elections after switching over from the Republican Party many years ago). This is an interesting phenomenon as Jews in other countries are more evenly divided between the various Left and Right Parties. Jewish immigrants came to America from Europe/Russia to escape anti-Semitism in the old countries. They were generally religious and socialistic. It … Read more...

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Dine and Dash in the US Economy, Reconsidering Ian Ruined’s “I at Least Shagged” – A Siren’s Song to the American Odyssey

(Please note that Michael Anderson is a respected MD practicing as a pediatrician and constitutional attorney who clerked for a Federal Appeals Court Judge.  He, as all our writers, is a Madison Forum Member.)

Michael Anderson

Reconsidering the Sirens’ song from Ayn Rand’s (aka “Ian Ruined”), that oddly influential book that may have been originally titled as “I at Least SHAGGED”.  Perhaps publishers believed US readers would miss the nuance of British slang, and re-named “I at Least Shagged” to “Atlas Shrugged.” The “Shagged” version of the title reads with more candor.  Here I express my disappointment and anger … Read more...

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