The Merging of the Constitutions – Part II

This article originally appeared in the May 3, 1996 issue of The Cobb Chronicle and is reprinted in its entirety with the exception of a reference to 9/11.  It is always worthwhile to check on where we are to determine if we are following the map for our ship of state. This is the second of a two part series on this subject.

Michael S. Opitz

This column continues the exploration of influences on Supreme Court rulings that was discussed in the previous issue of the Political Vine.  The focus of that column was the possible influence of the … Read more...

The Merging of the Constitutions – Part I

My following column appeared on April 5, 1996 in the Cobb Chronicle. It is always worthwhile to check on where we are to determine if we are following the map for our ship of state. This is the first of a two part series on this subject.

Michael S. Opitz

The United States Supreme Court, in its historic 1964 decision, ruled that prayer in public schools is illegal because it violates the First Amendment’s principle of separation of church and state. The judicial court system at all levels across the land has expanded that ruling to include the prohibition … Read more...

A Brave New Society – Huxley Would Be Proud

Michael S. Opitz

Because of the myriad of state and federal laws, including a Supreme Court ruling regarding marriage between people of the same gender, we now have a many faceted foundation to discuss related issues.  The debate is now in full swing regarding its extension to full legal recognition of civil unions or “domestic partner” relationships and homosexual marriages.

If the direction of our society is to be determined by individual judges and not through the legislative process, then it becomes important that we understand and anticipate the results and societal effects based upon judicial rulings and logical … Read more...

Israel’s Elections: Netanyahu Wins and Obama’s Actions/Reactions

Larry Laibson

It is very disheartening that Israel, our long and steadfast ally in a troubling region, receives lukewarm or almost chilling receptions by Obama and his Administration. Problems have persisted in recent years and Obama’s approval in Israel has been the lowest of any President acerbated by numerous examples including unrealistic demands for unreasonable concessions to create a Palestinian State, lukewarm support during the Hamas shelling of Israel from Gaza, Obama’s consistent disrespectful relationship with Bibi Netanyahu and recent Obama’s activities to defeat Netanyahu in this week’s important elections.

Netanyahu won a decisive victory in the Israel election … Read more...

Manufacturing – The Key to America’s Success

Michael S. Opitz

Manufacturing is the foundation of the America’s middle class as well as providing the economic, social, and political stability that has kept our country strong and growing for over 200 years. It is important to recognize that manufacturing has a jobs multiplier effect. For every manufacturing job created, six to eight additional good paying blue and white collar jobs are created. That is a Bell Labs statistic which applies to both large and small companies. Manufacturing is more than assembly line work; every manufacturing concern also has job functions in the following areas: executive management, operations … Read more...

Full House at Constitutional Convention Debate

Last Wednesday, Cherokee Cattle Company and Jack Staver and friends welcomed a full house of people to participate in a debate on whether or not a Constitutional Convention would be good for our country. Lance Lamberton of Cobb Taxpayers Association defended a pro-Con Con position, while Publius Huldah, a retired lawyer, stood firmly against it. After their opening statements, the audience was welcomed to question Lance and Publius directly. The debates and questions were very insightful.

The Madison Forum is very pleased to that announce that a discussion on the ramifications of an Article V Convention of the States at Read more...

Election night 2014: What happened?

By: Randy Evans

On a night when Republicans were expected to do well, they did. Well, to be more accurate, on a night when Democrats were expected to do poorly, they did – losing in places they never expected to lose (like Iowa and Colorado) and slipping further and further behind in state capitols and legislatures around the country (including governorships in traditionally dark blue states like Maryland and Massachusetts).… Read more...

2016 presidential candidates: Too many to count

 By: Randy Evans

With the final stretch of the 2014 election to begin, political operatives have already started to line up key supporters and activists for the 2016 presidential election. Not surprisingly, this includes visits (indeed repeated visits)to Georgia by potential presidential contenders, especially as another Super Southern Tuesday starts to take shape.… Read more...

The Politics of Impeachment

By Randy Evans

Desperate people do desperate things, whether in sports or politics. As Democrats concede that they face “strong headwinds” in the upcoming November midterm elections, most pollsters and pundits concede that 2014 could be another historic election year with huge gains for Republicans. Meanwhile, Republicans have adopted a bunker mentality hoping to avoid the kinds of catastrophic gaffes that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in years past.… Read more...

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