Educate before You Vaccinate

On Tuesday, March 28th, The Madison Forum and The Canton T.E.A. Party jointly sponsored a seminar hosted by the Cornerstone Church in Jasper, Georgia. The speakers were Renée and Dr. Gary Tunsky. The session was on the topic of vaccinations and autism as well as ancillary issues and preventative measures that one can take to ensure your body’s immune system can better handle all of the environmental toxins in which it is continuously exposed on a daily basis.

April Renée Tunsky is the Keynote Speaker for Vaccine Information Coalition (VIC) and former President of The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP).

Gary

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New Vision to Grow Cobb GOP

Jason Shepherd, recently elected Cobb Republican Chairman, spoke briefly to the Madison Forum on March 13, 2017 about his vision for growing the Republican Party using new technology, while getting back to the basics. He spent the rest of his time listening and responding to concerned citizens.

We wish Jason all the best moving forward.


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How to Make Georgia Great Again

The Madison Forum was pleased to have former Dalton Mayor, candidate for Georgia Governor and Madison Forum member,   David Pennington, speak at the luncheon meeting on Monday, December 12th at the Rib Ranch restaurant in Marietta Georgia.  Pennington spoke on the topic of “Why Trump” and how to make America great again as well as what we need to do locally to reign in Georgia government.

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Georgia Ballot – Don’t Vote Until You Know This

Angela Bean, of the Madison Forum and  Restore & Preserve the Constitution, spoke to the Madison Forum on Monday, October 10, 2016. She discussed the four amendments on the November ballot that will change our Georgia Constitution and the importance of knowing what you are voting for when casting your vote:

  •  Amendment 1 Opportunity School Districts
  •  Amendment 2 The Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund
  •  Amendment 3 Judicial Qualification Commission
  •  Amendment 4 Excise Tax on Fireworks Sales

Angela also advised, when voting in this election or others, if you aren’t sure how to vote on an issue, vote noRead more...

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Restoring Constitutional Government

Richard Arena

Serious students of the Constitution know that the federal government is operating well beyond the bounds of the powers the states delegated to it. Those who defend this extra-constitutional power expansion argue that the Founders could not have envisioned the complexities and advanced technologies of the 21st century and therefore the need for corresponding additional federal powers.

In fact the Framers did anticipate the need to modify the Constitution to meet unforeseen future circumstances. That is the purpose of Article V which provides two methods for the states to amend the Constitution. (Congress may propose amendments, but … Read more...

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Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP: A Threat to United States Sovereignty Presentation

(unedited version here)

The 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact continues on its way toward Congressional consideration. President Obama and the 11 other heads of state will formally sign the agreement in New Zealand on February 4, paving the way for Obama to send the agreement to Congress. Once he does, Congress has 90 days to make its “yes or no” choice.

Whatever the agreement’s impact on the American economy, the odious Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions, alone, argue for a decisive “no” vote. ISDS allows the establishment of three-member panels of international lawyers to rule on disputes between foreign … Read more...

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