Georgia Ballot – Don’t Vote Until You Know This

Angela Bean, of the Madison Forum and  Restore & Preserve the Constitution, spoke to the Madison Forum on Monday, October 10, 2016. She discussed the four amendments on the November ballot that will change our Georgia Constitution and the importance of knowing what you are voting for when casting your vote:

  •  Amendment 1 Opportunity School Districts
  •  Amendment 2 The Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund
  •  Amendment 3 Judicial Qualification Commission
  •  Amendment 4 Excise Tax on Fireworks Sales

Angela also advised, when voting in this election or others, if you aren’t sure how to vote on an issue, vote noRead more...

Restoring Constitutional Government

Richard Arena

Serious students of the Constitution know that the federal government is operating well beyond the bounds of the powers the states delegated to it. Those who defend this extra-constitutional power expansion argue that the Founders could not have envisioned the complexities and advanced technologies of the 21st century and therefore the need for corresponding additional federal powers.

In fact the Framers did anticipate the need to modify the Constitution to meet unforeseen future circumstances. That is the purpose of Article V which provides two methods for the states to amend the Constitution. (Congress may propose amendments, but … Read more...

Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP: A Threat to United States Sovereignty Presentation

(unedited version here)

The 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact continues on its way toward Congressional consideration. President Obama and the 11 other heads of state will formally sign the agreement in New Zealand on February 4, paving the way for Obama to send the agreement to Congress. Once he does, Congress has 90 days to make its “yes or no” choice.

Whatever the agreement’s impact on the American economy, the odious Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions, alone, argue for a decisive “no” vote. ISDS allows the establishment of three-member panels of international lawyers to rule on disputes between foreign … Read more...

Trans-Pacific Partnership

by Ted Metz

At the first of many more to follow, the NWGA 912 Project in conjunction with The Madison Forum, The John Birch Society, The Freedom & Liberty Coalition, The Constitution Party, Restore and Preserve the Constitution, and the Canton TEA Party invited Mr. Tom Barksdale to present the many issues surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to United States Sovereignty

Tom Barksdale

In October, the United States and 10 other Pacific rim countries, after five years of secret negotiations, reached an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest free-trade agreement ever concluded. President Obama must wait 90 days after the formal announcement of the final TPP agreement before signing the pact and sending it to Congress; that could happen by Feb. 4. Lawmakers would then work with the administration to determine when a vote would take place. However, media reports on December 10 reported that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had told the White House that the TPP agreement … Read more...

Local Control of Education is Lost

By Mary Kay Bacallao, Ed. D.

The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 passed in the U. S. House and Senate this week.

After fighting this bill for almost a year, activists are wondering how it passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support.

Democrats call it a civil rights victory. Republicans claim that it returns authority to the states and ends federal control through waivers. No Child Left Behind wasn’t working; the rewrite is not “perfect” supporters said, but something needed to be done.
Is there evidence to support these claims? Reading the bill is the only way to know for sure.… Read more...


Mary Kay Bacallao, Ed. D.

The U.S. Senate Education Committee met with House members and approved a compromise version of the Every Student Succeeds Act last week. They plan a full vote on the bill shortly after Thanksgiving. The “Sense of Congress” as expressed in the House version, flies in the face of the 10th Amendment. Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution lists the enumerated powers of the federal government. Education is not on the list. The 10th Amendment addresses this. Specifically, “The powers not delegated to the Unites States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it … Read more...

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