Two More Outlandish Rulings – Now What?

Richard J. Arena

Two shocking rulings handed down by the Supreme Court this week – one, King V. Burwell, rewriting the precise language of the Affordable Health Care Act, the other, Obergefell V. Hodges, assuming federal authority to define marriage, illuminate a central flaw in the American system of government – as it now exists. That flaw is the lack of a realistic institutional check on unconstitutional federal activities.
There was such a check prior to the adaptation of the 17th Amendment in 1913. Until then US Senators were appointed by their respective state legislatures, who also held the … Read more...

Gov. Nathan Deal Has Big Court Appointments Ahead

Randy Evans

No doubt, Gov. Nathan Deal has already made a lasting impact on Georgia’s courts. Just into his second term, he has appointed almost 60 judges to the State (18) and Superior (34) courts, as well as the Georgia Tax Tribunal (2), the Georgia Court of Appeals (4) and the Georgia Supreme Court (1).

While legislators and the governor pass laws, courts interpret them. And, how they interpret them often has as much, if not more, impact on the law itself. This is especially true for the appellate courts.

So far, Gov. Deal’s appointments to Georgia’s appellate courts … Read more...

The Time has come-

Paul L. Nally

Not To ask what price our Liberty, but what price inattention to it.

Mrs. Katharine Johnston’s death should never have happened. Then the Habersham child and now David Hooks.

As a former Police Chief and Judge, I have found it useful to look to the past for guidance and understanding. In 1604 Lord Coke ruled that (paraphrasing) a man’s home is his castle, and if the sheriff comes upon the King’s business, he may not break down the door, but he must announce his business at the portal.

From that time until our Constitution, that was … Read more...


Larry Laibson

The general public is significantly confused on the complex “alphabet soup” trade proposals being talked about in Congress and the Media. Something as important as this 11 Nation deal that encompasses a broad spectrum of areas, including but not limited to “Trade, should be transparent at least on its overall scope and general objectives.  The absence of this transparency, especially with the many time spoken goals of this President to “fundamentally change America” appears by design by both he and Congress to facilitate mutual objectives.
There are three items on the table: Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), Trade … Read more...

Magna Carta Libertatum And The Murder of David Hooks –

Paul Nally

The Great Charter of Liberties, commonly referenced simply as “Magna Carta” or, in the vernacular, “the Great Charter”, the founding document of all Common Law countries, celebrates its 800th birthday June 15th.

This document was hoped to bring peace between the King and his subjects in the time of King John. As was the usual reason for dissent, John, who had lost his ancestral lands in France in 1204 and tried for 10 years to regain them, raised extensive taxes each year to pay for the venture. Ironically, in the previous century, King Henry I had proclaimed … Read more...


Larry Laibson

There are many major issues and questions on both Trade Priorities and Accountability Act (TPP) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). There is confusion of what these entail and what is actually being voted on in Congress.  Are there Constitutional issues regarding “Powers” and responsibilities?  Is TPP really a Treaty? What does it cover and why is there such extensive secrecy?  Will America’ Sovereignty be affected?

Congress is voting on TPA which outlines guidelines for TPP’s negotiation by the Executive Branch and provides provisions to give President Obama “fast track” approval of TPP if and when it is brought … Read more...

Good-bye Neal

On Saturday, the Madison Forum honored one of their own. Neal White passed on May 26,  after 79 years of a very full life. Known as “The Godfather“, Neal was a inspiration to so many. He was a man of honor, a man of conviction, and a true friend to all.

He leaves behind a beautiful family and countless friends. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, dear friend.


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