The Real Solution for Traffic Congestion

Richard Arena

Three years ago Metro-Atlanta voters roundly rejected a one percent (1%) transportation tax when the public learned that the proposed T-SPLOST was not a remedy for Atlanta’s chronic traffic congestion as promoted but actually a taxpayer funded stimulus for developers who planned to transform Metro-Atlanta from a predominantly suburban landscape into a high-density, high-rise environment concentrated along MARTA rail lines.

While Metro voters roundly rejected urbanization, still the state, some municipalities and other parties with vested interests haven’t given up on their plans to stack-and-pack we the unwashed into multifamily housing and have us riding cheek-to-jowl on … Read more...

Would a National Popular Vote be better?

Pat Rosenthiel, of Ainsley Shea, spoke to the Madison Forum at the Monday luncheon regarding the state-based plan for electing the president by national popular vote. Rosenthiel refreshed everyone on how the electoral college works today and describes how the National Popular Vote would work if enacted by the Georgia legislature.

As described in the book, Every Equal Vote: A State-based Plan for Electing the President by National Popular Vote

The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.The bill has … Read more...

Facts about the Refugee Resettlement Program

by Christina Jeffrey, Ph.D.

One of the biggest threats today to U.S. sovereignty is mass immigration. While we were focused on illegal immigration, massive legal immigration was increasing wildly under the radar. I was not aware of the huge pressure being brought to bear by various programs that have been bringing in tens of thousands of immigrants/permanent residents every year.

This year, Spartanburg was chosen to be the one hundred and ninety-first “welcoming city.” I had to do some homework to find out what that meant.

I learned that our new neighbors were being selected for us by a program … Read more...

Two More Outlandish Rulings – Now What?

Richard J. Arena

Two shocking rulings handed down by the Supreme Court this week – one, King V. Burwell, rewriting the precise language of the Affordable Health Care Act, the other, Obergefell V. Hodges, assuming federal authority to define marriage, illuminate a central flaw in the American system of government – as it now exists. That flaw is the lack of a realistic institutional check on unconstitutional federal activities.
There was such a check prior to the adaptation of the 17th Amendment in 1913. Until then US Senators were appointed by their respective state legislatures, who also held the … Read more...

Gov. Nathan Deal Has Big Court Appointments Ahead

Randy Evans

No doubt, Gov. Nathan Deal has already made a lasting impact on Georgia’s courts. Just into his second term, he has appointed almost 60 judges to the State (18) and Superior (34) courts, as well as the Georgia Tax Tribunal (2), the Georgia Court of Appeals (4) and the Georgia Supreme Court (1).

While legislators and the governor pass laws, courts interpret them. And, how they interpret them often has as much, if not more, impact on the law itself. This is especially true for the appellate courts.

So far, Gov. Deal’s appointments to Georgia’s appellate courts … Read more...

The Time has come-

Paul L. Nally

Not To ask what price our Liberty, but what price inattention to it.

Mrs. Katharine Johnston’s death should never have happened. Then the Habersham child and now David Hooks.

As a former Police Chief and Judge, I have found it useful to look to the past for guidance and understanding. In 1604 Lord Coke ruled that (paraphrasing) a man’s home is his castle, and if the sheriff comes upon the King’s business, he may not break down the door, but he must announce his business at the portal.

From that time until our Constitution, that was … Read more...


Larry Laibson

The general public is significantly confused on the complex “alphabet soup” trade proposals being talked about in Congress and the Media. Something as important as this 11 Nation deal that encompasses a broad spectrum of areas, including but not limited to “Trade, should be transparent at least on its overall scope and general objectives.  The absence of this transparency, especially with the many time spoken goals of this President to “fundamentally change America” appears by design by both he and Congress to facilitate mutual objectives.
There are three items on the table: Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), Trade … Read more...

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